Types of Classes

There are two types of courses, the core curriculum and the other direct-enroll options offered from our partner institutions. Besides these, SiPN may also offer independent study options and a large number of internships for credit during the Summer months. 

Core Curriculum Options

A student should ideally choose at least two courses from the core curriculum and it is highly recommended (although not obligatory) that he/she take one level of Portuguese Language for Foreigners. Placement tests for language classes occur during the add-drop period each semester.

The core curriculum is composed of 4 course options each semester (typically 6 ECTS credits each and at least 42 classroom contact hours). These will cover different fields of study in the social sciences and humanities, with themes that focus on Portugal, the larger Portuguese-speaking world, the European Union or Lisbon itself. These classes are hand-picked by our academic council to provide a clear identity to the program and also to guarantee a core group of faculty whom we have chosen to teach these courses. The core faculty are all PhD specialists in their fields and though they are typically recruited from among our local partner schools, they share significant teaching experience in the North-American system and so are familiar with the pedagogical norms to which our students are accustomed.

Direct Enroll Options in English

Through our partnerships with local universities, SiPN also provides a tremendous range of other direct-enroll courses taught in English, particularly in the areas of business and economics, but also in many other fields. 

Direct-Enroll Options in Portuguese

If a student is proficient in Portuguese, he/she may take any class in any of the 4 schools, so long as any required prerequisites are satisfied and space is available in the course. Students wishing to examine all of the thousands of course options in Portuguese should consult the websites of our partners schools found here:

Catholic University of Portugal


NOVA University of Lisbon

University of Lisbon



Students seeking an internship experience for academic credit are encouraged to look at our options underBuild your Summer”.

We offer internships for a large variety of different majors in English or Portuguese, in full-time or part-time formats, during the summer months.

See list of internship opportunities available here.


Independent Study Options

We are presently developing independent study options that could be pre-approved on your home campus for transfer credits.

Check out our interactive “Build your Semester” or “Build your Summer” and start to plan your study abroad experience!