Summer Program Fees

Summer program fees at SiPN are modular and based upon the total number of credits you take. Our summer program calendar consists of two flexible modules of 4-weeks each, with June and July sessions. Just like our semester offerings, students can come from a variety of different backgrounds and Portuguese language expertise– from novice (A1) to highly proficient (C2). Moreover, in the summer months we can easily accommodate both undergraduate and graduate student learners. Because each 4-week session is self-contained, students can choose to come for 1, 2 or both sessions, picking up anywhere from 3 to 18 semester credits. As always, however, your foreign ECTS credits must be pre-approved by your home institution for transfer.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of our summer program are the multiple academic internship opportunities we provide through our network of partners in Portugal. These internships require at least an 8-week commitment from the student, during June & July, as well as part-time and full-time options in both English and Portuguese. Fees vary based on the modules and formats you choose for your internship experience. Please see our full description of the academic internship options here.

Note that Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships for intensive Portuguese language options during our June and July sessions (6 -12 ECTS/session) will fulfill at least 140 total contact hours over 8 weeks. In this case, the total charges for an 8-week stay with 18 ECTS total would amount to only $6350.

Comprehensive Tuition & Housing Fees

Summer courses charge- each 4-week session/month

June OR July session

1 class per session for 6 ECTS $2800
1 class per session for 12 ECTS $3550
1 classes per session for 12 ECTS (6+6) $3550


Internships fees

All the internships require an 8-week commitment

June and July 

FT Internship for 12 ECTS  $3550
PT internship for 6 ECTS  $2800
PT internship + 1 other 6 ECTS class during one session  $3550
PT internship + 2 other 6 ECTS class, over 2 sessions $4300

Summer Price Breakdown (for each 4-week session)



Summer Comprehensive Tuition Fee



Course instruction included included
Program-integrated study tours(1 weekend long trip + 1 day trip per monthly session) included included
Course-integrated field trips in/around Lisbon included included
Use of consortium facilities (incl. library and computer labs) included included
Final grade report and permanent academic records included included
Academic counseling and support included included
General administration of academic services included included

Summer Comprehensive Housing & Student Affairs Fee*



Furnished single room (double room, same gender, when single is not a possibility) included included
Monthly Transport Pass for Lisbon (buses, metro, and trolleys) included included
Laundry and cooking facilities included included
Student information and service desk included included
Group pickup at airport on Arrival Day included included
Medical, accident, and travel insurance included included
Visa advice and assistance (when needed) included included
SIM card with free calls/texts to other SiPN participants and staff included included
Administration of housing and student affairs activities included included
24-hour emergency contact included included
SiPN Orientation services and tours included included

TOTAL COST Per Summer Month/Edition



*Please Note: Students who opt-out of SiPN’s housing will still be charged a portion of the Housing & Student Affairs fee of $900 Housing has a cost of $500 per month). This fee covers services from Student Affairs such as comprehensive medical, accident and liability insurance, airport pickup and orientation week activities, 24-hour emergency staff support, the monthly transport pass and various social and cultural events, as well as support and counseling.


Estimated Additional Expenses: Summer Session Students

Below we provide some estimates for other out-of-pocket expenses that students will typically during a summer session.

Total (per month) add your airfare





June July August
Schengen Student Visa + required FBI criminal background check Not needed if staying in Portugal less than 90 days total
Valid US Passport see pricing on State Dept. website here
International airfare R/T $1,200 – $1,600
Personal expenses (depending on how much you travel on breaks) $500 $500 $500
Meals/per month $400 $400 $400
outside network cell phone minutes per your use per your use per your use
Cell phone top-up charges required per month, allows free texts/calls in network €7.50/mo €7.50/mo €7.50/mo


Additional Information

The Visiting Family Program will cover any r/t travel expenses for the student to reach their family location, upon presentation of ticket receipts.

Did you know?

SiPN fees are published well in advance of the start of your semester. They are listed in US dollars and are guaranteed not to change once published. There are no hidden costs when attending SiPN. All expenses covered by the Comprehensive Tuition and Housing Fees are clearly delineated in the above tables, as are any SiPN-related optional expenses. As a non-profit organization, it is the policy of SiPN to keep annual price increases to a minimum.