SiPN’s 2014 Roadshow – Across the USA

In Oct-Nov 2014 SiPN visited the following schools, making presentations to study abroad directors, deans, and faculty. We also met with students themselves and visited Portuguese consular and embassy officials to introduce them to the project.

Schools Visited and Number of Presentations made


These visits and presentations occurred over a period of 25 weekdays in the USA. Each presentation took approximately 1 hour with Q & A and covered the attached slideshow in English:

Several schools have already scheduled site visits to Lisbon, including schools not mentioned in the table above, such as BYU and Emory University, with whom SiPN met at the APSA conference in Albuquerque, NM. SiPN also expects to sign several partnership or consortium agreements in the coming weeks with schools that require these.

To check the photos of this roadshow, here.