Study in Portugal Network Featuring the Portuguese Kids!

The Portuguese Kids support the Study in Portugal Network!

When the Portuguese Kids were told about all the study abroad opportunities offered by the Study in Portugal Network (SiPN for short, which is managed by the Luso-American Development Foundation, also known as “FLAD”), they immediately demonstrated their support for the project. It aims to bring greater numbers of North American college students to Portugal.

The Kids rapidly understood the potential cultural, social and economic impact that could result from having Portuguese descendants and students from other nationalities choosing Portugal as a study abroad destination .

A big thank you to Derrick De Melo, Brian Martins, Alex Sardinha, and Jason Casimiro. These four Portuguese musketeers, who hail from southeastern Massachusetts, are taking the art of the ethnic comedy act to new heights. They’ve become a national sensation in recent years, and we are glad they support SiPN!


More about the Kids?

The story of The Portuguese Kids comedy troupe began in Fall River, MA when Derrick DeMelo, Jason Casimiro, Brian Martins and Al Sardinha, became friends as children, making each other laugh and putting on skits for their families. In college they produced “Ludicrous Speed,” a public access TV show and developed a love for making people laugh. After that, there were classes at Boston’s Improv Asylum. In fact, the founders of the school were so impressed by the comedy troupe’s innovation; they provided the start-up funds to bring The Portuguese Kids to a broader audience.

These days, their popular live shows and viral You Tube videos along with their own brand of humor, highlights the funny side of what it means to grow up Portuguese, The Portuguese Kidsproudly claim that being Portuguese is “unique, wonderful, and a lot of the time…funny!” Soon the Kids will be touring the Azores (June 26 to July 5th 2016).

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