SiPN Trip to the Azores – An homage to all Portuguese-Americans


As part of the SiPN experience, the program organizes field trips outside of Lisbon every semester for our students.
In Fall 2015, SiPN took its students to the island of Sao Miguel, in the Azores archipelago.

Monica Monteiro, featured in the video, is a Portuguese-American whose family came from the Azores to the US. She was a SiPN participant from Bentley University, Massachusetts, and an accounting major.

Although we welcome students from anywhere, this video pays homage to all Portuguese-Americans far from their ancestral roots.

Thanks to its large number of courses in English or Portuguese, SiPN provides an opportunity to reconnect with one’s heritage while making progress toward graduation.

A special thanks to our partners at SATA Air Azores who kindly donate free flights to selected SiPN participants.

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