SiPN Buddy Program

If you have ever wondered how the life of a young person in Europe differs from yours and would like to experience it first-hand, then the buddy network is ideal for you.

Who Are SiPN Buddies and How Does the Program Work?

The buddies are volunteers ages 18-27 living in the greater Lisbon area. Some of them plan to study abroad in the U.S. and would like to learn about the college system there while establishing a social network before leaving. Others just want to meet new people and gain some cross-cultural skills.

The SiPN Buddy Program is a framework that provides you with the opportunity to interact with Portuguese students, but any successful friendships you may develop depend on your level of personal engagement. For this reason, SiPN highly encourages you to participate in organizing events, help suggest ideas for events, and to generally make an effort to make your particular network the best one possible.

No need to sign up!

All students will benefit from this initiative. SiPN, along with the Portuguese partner universities finds and mantains a database of young Portuguese college students who like this idea of serving as ambassadors to SiPN students!