Post-Program Support & Credit Transfer

All students will be required to submit a course pre-approval sheet as part of their application process. At the end of the semester, the SiPN On-Site Coordinator will receive transcripts from the local university(ies) where you took classes. SiPN will then develop a packet for each student that includes:

  • a cover letter from SiPN
  • a copy of the student’s signed and dated credit transfer pre-approval sheet from their home university
  • the original stamped transcripts (in English) from the Portuguese university partners
    • For example, if you take 2 courses from our core curriculum at University X, but then a Portuguese language class from University Y, and 2 other classes from University Z (all quite doable given the close physical proximity of our member schools to one another);
    • then at the end of the semester, such a student would have 3 stamped original university transcripts with grades in the 0 – 20 Portuguese scale, in English.
  • a copy of the SiPN grade conversion table that serves as a useful guide for your home university officials for interpreting your performance on the Portuguese grade scale.

These materials will then be sent back to the student’s provided address, usually registrar/study abroad advisor at their home university for credit transfer processing.