General Safety & Insurance

Student safety is a primary concern to SiPN. All staff members are service-minded, and are ready to handle questions or problems from individual students or from parents. SiPN operates 24-hour emergency contact numbers which are accessible globally.

These numbers are provided to you as part of your acceptance materials.

ALL SiPN students are covered by an AON Travel & Health Insurance policy that is tailor-made for study abroad students. It provides coverage for everything from a stolen laptop, to lost luggage, to dental, emergency and routine medical coverage.

On top of that, all SiPN students enjoy obligatory university insurance coverage, provided by the host University (Portuguese policy).

Some member schools of the SiPN network provide full-service health and dental clinics on campus. For example this clinic is located on ISCTE-IUL’s campus.

All schools that integrate SiPN’s network offer free mental health counseling to all students. Upon request by the student, SiPN will schedule a screening interview to assess the support objectives requested. Depending on the situation, the counseling services office (CSO) will schedule future sessions or make a referral to other appropriate services. The CSO works in accordance with the ethical standards of their profession, particularly as regards ensuring strict confidentiality.