SiPN will contact companies/institutions and will gather and generate a portfolio of internship opportunities.
The student who is potentially interested in a certain internship opportunity listed will contact SiPN (via attaching a CV and a letter of motivation for that specific vacancy.
If there is sufficient interest by the host, SiPN proceeds to provide a link so that an interview between the two parties may take place (via Skype, FaceTime, phone…).
When both parties feel comfortable with the placement, SiPN will request that the student continue the rest of the normal application process. Once accepted, the student will enrolled for the course at the University which will attribute the credits.
The classroom and practical component will begin once you arrive.
The supervisor of the intern will give feedback to the university professor who will factor that feedback into other course requirements in order to attribute the final grade to the student.

Internship Opportunities

SiPN provides a unique range of opportunities
for students looking for an international internship!

These opportunities run the gamut from placements with governmental organizations, NGOs, INGOs, or for-profit companies. The opportunities listed below provide variable academic credits through our partner universities and typically take place during the summer months, for a minimum commitment of 8 weeks (those seeking placements for longer than 8 weeks should contact us). Students may choose from internships in English or from among those where at least some fluency in Portuguese is a requirement. Moreover, some of our internships allow for part-time placements of 20h/week, so that students could conceivably combine a part-time internship with one of our regular classes. Full-time internships require 40h/week over at least 8 weeks, and typically earn 12 ECTS (up to 6 US credits).

All of our internship partners have been screened by SiPN and academic credits are awarded in accordance with a course syllabus developed by the instructor of record. Student performance will be evaluated based on the following syllabi:

International Internship for mobility students (Part-time 150h, 4h day/8weeks , 6ECTS)

International Internship for mobility students (Fulll-time 300h, 8h day/8weeks, 12 ECTS)

International Internship for mobility students (Part-time 225h, 4h day/12weeks , 9ECTS) - Syllabus TBA

International Internship for mobility students (Full-time 450h, 4h day/12weeks , 18ECTS) - Syllabus TBA

Students who do not need nor seek academic credit for their internship experience will nevertheless be required to follow the standard internship course requirements and will have a grade assigned for that class on their foreign university transcript, even if their home school does not allow them to bring back credits for an international internship experience.

The infographic above provides a visual synopsis of the various steps required for a successful internship placement. SiPN serves in this case an intermediary between the student and their potential internship supervisor, the local faculty member assessing the validity of the experience for academic credit, and the student’s home department which may/may not award credit toward graduation for this unique international service-learning experience. Get started by exploring which internship options might best fit your needs!




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