Academic Council


The SiPN Academic Council seeks to provide SiPN with tangible recommendations regarding academics, program policies, student issues and general programming.


  • To serve as a sounding board for current issues in study abroad, and how those issues should affect SiPN programs and services
  • To provide feedback for future direction of SiPN editions
  • To assess current SiPN policies
  • To formally evaluate SiPN sites and programs, and provide recommendations for improvement

Intended Outcomes 

Achieving the mission and goals of the SiPN Academic Council should result in the following outcomes:

  • Detailed monitoring of program learning outcomes
  • Continued excellence in SiPN program offerings
  • Further strengthening of SiPN’s policies and student services
  • Strategic improvements for stateside operations and program function in Portugal
  • Promoting programatic changes based on regular external assessment of program outcomes

Current SiPN Academic Council members