Academic Calendar

Including the SiPN orientation sessions:

  • Summer 19 (there are two 4-week self-contained sessions)

    • June (Lisbon AND Azores sessions with same dates)

      Arrival date: June 2 or June 3;

      Departure date: June 30

      • Note: Students doing the Azores program in June, who then travel to Lisbon for the July session, should fly out of the Azores towards Lisbon on July 1. Housing included)
    • July (Lisbon only):

      Arrival date:  July 1

      Departure date:  July 30 or July 31

    • Summer Internships require an 8-week commitment (they combine June and July sessions)

      Interns arrive on June 2 and depart on July 30/31

  • Fall 18 (Arrival day in Lisbon is Sept 1 – Dec 21)

  • Spring 19 (Arrival day in Lisbon in Feb 1st. Program ends on May 31)

SiPN recommends its students to buy flight fares that allow to change departure dates at a lower cost.

Calendar for academic transcript mailings from SiPN

For all member schools, transcripts sent no later than 60 days after last final exams.

Note: final exam calendars vary slightly from school to school.